S.Glasauer, A.Ahmadi: Applied Statistics for Neuroscientists (LMU WS 2017/18)

Applied Statistics lecture slides
Matlab example scripts (zipped): examples.zip
Machine learning, Deep learning

S.Glasauer, Alexander Knorr: Introduction to Computational Neuroscience (TUM WS 2017/18)

Computational Neuroscience: from Neurons to Networks
Matlab and Simulink example scripts and models (zipped): matlabexamples.zip
Example for written exam: Exam.pdf , solution: ExamSolution.pdf
Sensorimotor Control


S.Glasauer, Alexander Knorr: Applied Statistics for Neuroengineers (TUM SS 2017)

Applied Statistics lecture slides

S.Glasauer : Motor Systems (part of Fundamentals in Neurobiology) (LMU SS 2017)

Motor Systems (one PDF, all lectures)